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Rosemont Consulting SARL > Our team

  • Cécile Villacres Acolas
    Cécile Villacres Acolas
  • Peter Brigham
    Peter Brigham
  • Louise Pavlu
    Louise Pavlu
    Administrative Manager
  • Damien Concé
    Damien Concé
    Legal Manager
  • Romain Auriault
    Romain Auriault
    Tax and Estate Planning
  • Nicolas Trucco
    Nicolas Trucco
    Senior Tax Lawyer
  • Ivan Yakovenko
    Ivan Yakovenko
    Tax Consultant
  • Gorian Viretto-Cit
    Gorian Viretto-Cit
    Tax Advisor
  • Jérémy Leforestier
    Jérémy Leforestier
    Senior Lawyer
  • Maria Perekopskaia
    Maria Perekopskaia
    Legal advisor
  • Adrien Hili
    Adrien Hili
    Accountant and Company administrator